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A panel discusses the challenges and solutions to improving K-12 education for Black students. The educators and activists underscore that many of these students are reared in challenging home and community environments. We must address ways to help them succeed despite those challenges.

Studies show that African-American teachers understand how those particular set of circumstances impact Black students and how to reach them. They also serve as role models. Yet the vast majority of teachers in predominantly low-income Black schools are White.

What’s more, is it even possible to begin fixing the problems without addressing our unequal system of school funding?

This discussion at Miami’s Art Basel guides and sets the tone for our groundbreaking documentary: Saving Tomorrow, Today. View the entire documentary here.

Our panel includes David Banner, Dr. Charles H.F. Davis III, Kadiatou Diallo, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Byron Jones, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Skolnik, and Michael J. Sorrell, Esq.


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