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The Georgia teacher who unleashed an abusive tirade on his student has finally resigned—three months after the incident, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“He will not be returning to the classroom,” Green County School Superintendent Chris Houston told the newspaper. “In submitting his resignation, he verbally expressed his apologies to his students and fellow staff members for any disruption caused to the school by the controversy over the last several weeks.”

Cory Hunter, the former Greene County High School history teacher and basketball coach, sparked outrage when an audio recording of the encounter surfaced.

Back in December, Hunter was teaching a history lesson on slavery and the abolitionist movement when 16-year-old Shaniaya Hunter (no relation to the teacher) asked who abolitionist Sojourner Truth was.

This was his response, according to the AJC:

“You know, you are the dumbest girl I’ve ever met in my life, and I have been around 37 years and clearly you are the dumbest girl I have ever met.”

He didn’t stop there. The teacher told Shaniaya that her purpose in life will be “to have sex and have children because you ain’t ever gonna be smart,” the paper reports.

The girl recorded audio of the rant on a school-issued iPad. Shaniaya was using the device to record the history lesson because she was trying to catch up, after missing much of the school year for medical treatment of her vision problems.

Continuing his mean-spirited outburst, Hunter questioned whether she could see her iPad, mocking her poor vision.

The newspaper reported that Shaniaya returned to school in January following eye surgery. Some of her classmates picked up where the teacher left off, taunting and bullying her on social media.

Attorney Ben Windham took on Shaniaya’s case pro bono. He wrote a letter in February to Houston demanding that he fire the teacher, and sent a letter to Hunter demanding that he resign and surrender his teaching license. Windham followed that up with letters to the governor and other public officials, the newspaper stated.

When the school district was slow to act, he threatened to sue the teacher and the school system. Windham told the AJC “it is a shame” that an attorney had to threaten a lawsuit for Hunter to step down.

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