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From The Daily Voice:

Under fire from critics inside and outside the institution, Morehouse College has clarified its new dress code policy.

In an e-mail message to alumni, college president Robert M. Franklin defended the new policy as an outgrowth of a two-year effort and denied charges that the new rules — which prohibit gender nonconformity in clothing — resulted from homophobia.

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“Since the policy was released, a lot of attention has centered on the standard that prohibits men from wearing women’s clothing on campus,” Franklin wrote. “Some critics have concluded that Morehouse seeks to discriminate against certain groups of students, specifically gay, transgendered and bisexual men,” he said. “This is not our intent. In fact, we have worked diligently to ensure that Morehouse is a safe, inclusive, and respectful community with a strong commitment to social justice, diversity and respectful tolerance,” Franklin said.

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Franklin’s e-mail message comes not long after Daily Voice columnist Frank Leon Roberts criticized the policy for “an egregiously heterosexist bias” and for its “deeply problematic class-politics.”

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