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TMZ recently ran into Ronda Rousey and her mother, AnnMarie De Mars, and uncovered a fact you probably didn’t know about the UFC fighter – her great-grandfather was Black.

Rousey was spending some time with her mom and sister when a cameraman approached her. Though she tried to ward him off in the nicest way possible, she’s still making headlines because of a quick tidbit of information revealed by her mom to the photographer.

Initially, the photographer wanted to know the last movie Rousey saw, but when she declined, her mom jumped in and said, “I’ll give you a movie. Before his time, it’s my grandfather – Ronda’s great-grandfather – they show it at Black History Month every year in Canada ’cause he was one of the first Black physicians in North America.”

As TMZ reports, Ronda’s great-grandfather Dr. Alfred Waddell was “known as a major pioneer in the Canadian civil rights movement.”



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