The Obamas sat down to discuss their union in the New York Times Magazine’s November 1st cover story “The First Marriage,” by Washington correspondent Jodi Kantor.

According to the NYT press release:

“Clearly, the Obamas prefer to think of themselves as largely unaltered. ‘The strengths and challenges of our marriage don’t change because we move to a different address,’ the first lady said, the president studying the carpet as she answered. But even as they serve as sources of continuity for each other, their own partnership is undergoing significant change, not just in outward circumstance — the city, the exposure, the security, the staff, the house and so on — but far more fundamentally. Michelle Obama has gone from political skeptic to political partner to a woman with a White House agenda of her own, and an approval rating higher than the president’s.” – “The First Marriage” by Jodi Kantor

COVER STORY – New York Times Washington correspondent Jodi Kantor sat with the President and First Lady in an Oval Office interview about the effects of the presidency on their marriage. The Obamas have recast the rules for how a politician and spouse are supposed to behave, primarily by speaking frankly about their marriage – “The bumps happen to everybody…” says Michelle Obama.

One secret to the first couple’s success is maintaining a regular date night. See a slideshow of their “Sexy Saturdays” here. They’re also famous for their public displays of affection, so much so that we’ve made an Obama PDA Big News page.

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