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Bucks County, PA-The Bucks County NAACP called for disciplinary action and teacher sensitivity training in the Central Bucks School District yesterday after an eighth-grade math class at Lenape Middle School got a homework assignment with an image of a black man that the group called “insulting” and “disparaging.”

The picture – with the caption “Solving Equations Using Multiplication and Division!” – shows an unshaven black man with a straw hat and a gaping mouth missing most teeth. Beneath it is the slang expression “No Wai!!!”

The principal of the Doylestown school, NAACP officials, and the parents of an African American student in the class met yesterday about the incident. NAACP president John Jordan said he was satisfied with the outcome, which he said would include “consequences” for the teacher and training for the staff.

Principal Nick Chubb said, “I believe the meeting was productive, and we’re working toward a resolution.” He would not say whether the teacher would be disciplined.

The teacher was identified as Matthew Curran. In a statement released by the district, he apologized, saying he “had no idea that I might offend anyone” with the picture, which he said he got off the Internet.

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