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A Beaumont, Texas high school math teacher was arrested Friday and now faces an assault charge after a video surfaced of her slapping a student, the New York Daily News reports.

The arrest came shortly after the video went viral. It shows Ozen High School teacher Mary Hastings yelling at the male student: “You’re stopping them from graduating. You idiot a–.”

Hastings slaps the teen five times. And then the student asks, “Why’d you hit me?”

Atrya Deroune, who was in the classroom during the incident, told KBMT-TV what happened before Hastings got angry: “He asked Ms. Hastings for the grade or whatever and she went awol, and she picked up papers and threw it at him.”

The sophomore said she’s never seen Hastings lose her temper: “She was a cool teacher. She wasn’t always bad but like when [she] was ready to teach us, for us to learn, she got serious. She was always a laid back teacher and cool with the kids.”

According to KBMT-TV, the school district placed Hastings on administrative leave. She posted a $2,500 bond after her arrest.

SOURCE: New York Daily News, KBMT-TV | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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