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With more than 291 delegates up for grabs in New York in the Democratic presidential primary next week, front-runner Hillary Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders held dueling rallies Wednesday in the hopes of winning Tuesday’s early voting race, reports BBC.

An estimated 27,000 people showed up in New York City’s Washington Square Park to attend Sanders’ rally, writes the news outlet. About 1,300 people turned up at a Bronx community center for Clinton, who focused on Republican rivals Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, according to The Associated Press:

“Mr. Trump wants to set Americans against each other. He wants us to build walls, I want us to build bridges,” Clinton said. Referencing Cruz’s earlier criticism of “New York values,” Clinton said, “I think New York values are at the core of American values.”

Sanders didn’t return the favor, mentioning Clinton by name throughout his speech. He noted that she had the support of super PACs and had voted in favor of the Iraq War, drawing boos from the crowd.

Foreshadowing a likely issue in Thursday night’s [CNN] debate [at the Brooklyn Navy Yard], Sanders urged Clinton to back an expansion of Social Security benefits, a major cause among liberals.

New York’s primary is scheduled to take place Tuesday. Do you plan to vote? Sound off in the comments.

SOURCE: BBC, Business Insider | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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