New York

A Washington man was sentenced to two years in prison for making interstate threats toward Black people.

The legacy of the Exonerated Five must never die.

After redrawing congressional districts to help himself, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney lost.

The first monument honoring the bravery and heroism of Black U.S. veterans was unveiled in Buffalo.

A New York judge is in hot water after bragging about pulling a gun on a Black man who appeared in front of him in court. 

The New York City neighborhood was the backdrop of Gibson’s coming-of-age journey.

The trio would use duct tape to tie up their victims before running off with their personal belongings, cash, and credit cards.

A Rochester police detective is on desk duty after a video showed a violent incident with an EMT who hit his car, which was parked in an ambulance bay.

The ruling is expected to make it harder for other states to restrict guns amid a national gun violence crisis.

Syracuse Police Department released a statement defending three officers who traumatized a Black child who was between the ages of 8 and 10, just because he allegedly stole a bag of chips. The incident was caught on camera by a bystander, Kenneth Jackson.

Chris Smalls, the fired Amazon worker who is leading union efforts, is currently on the winning side of a union battle most thought couldn't be won, but he and his group of former and current Staten Island, New York, warehouse workers still have a road ahead of them before they can claim success.

Architect and activist Deanna Van Buren is merging her passions for design and social justice to reimagine a world without prisons.