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elissa Harris-Perry has said “goodbye” to her MSNBC hosting job and hello to a new gig: Editor-At-Large at

According to CNN Money, Harris-Perry will write columns, host videos and conduct interviews for the website, starting this week. “She will, as her work has always done, highlight the stories of women and girls — a reader might get to see an interview with a prominent female politician, a Black Lives Matter activist, or a celebrity,” said Leah Chernikoff, the site’s director.

“Or they might read Melissa’s writings on topics ranging from feminism, intersectionality, and motherhood, to fashion and even gardening,” she added.

To be clear: Harris-Perry won’t work full-time with ELLE, but will write and appear on-camera regularly, CNN notes. Be on the lookout for her new web series, “Sole Search,” which will include her “shoe shopping with women and girls of color” and “sometimes for themselves, sometimes for charity, sometimes for others, sometimes with men.”

So what’s up on deck?

Her first piece for the fashion Bible was an essay on how HBO’s Kerry Washington film Confirmation was missing the voices of Black feminists during that time. It’s a must-read.

Harris is also set to introduce her new live event, Nerdland Forever, at the Museum of Drug Policy pop-up in New York City Tuesday. The live events will in some way mirror her former talk show.

You can find more information on Tuesday’s event here.



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