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Residents of Murfreesboro, Tennessee are reeling after a group of elementary school students, ages 6 to 10, were arrested Friday and taken to a juvenile detention center for allegedly failing to break up a fight that occurred off school grounds.

According to reports, at least five students at Hobgood Elementary School were detained because they didn’t intervene to stop an off-campus fight that occurred several weeks prior.

The students were released Friday evening, but that didn’t stop a large group of parents and community members from gathering at a local church on Sunday to voice their outrage.

During Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne NowZacchaeus Crawford, father of three of the five children arrested, and James McCarroll, Pastor of First Baptist Church Murfreesboro, joined Roland Martin to discuss the arrests.

Pastor McCarroll said he would like to see the children who were “wrongfully arrested” have their records expunged, adding, “There needs to be an apology for this unnecessary incident.”

Crawford explained he hopes his children can partake in the American Dream, but said even if the charges are dropped, “nothing is actually erased.”

“Putting my kids into this system for no reason and then now I have to, for the rest of they life, combat this wasn’t their fault, this didn’t happen to them — I don’t feel I should have to do that because my kids didn’t do anything,” Crawford said.

The disgruntled father continued, “It would be different if they was the ones fighting.”

Watch Roland Martin, Pastor James McCarroll, and Zacchaeus Crawford discuss the arrests in the video clip above.

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