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A fresh set of racist and homophobic text messages believed to have been sent by former San Francisco Police Officer Jason Lai have surfaced.

CNN reports that it obtained dozens of exclusive texts sent to and from Lai. Here’s a small sample of the messages published by the network:

“I hate that beaner,” one text reads, “but I think the nig is worse.”

“Indian ppl are disgusting,” proclaims another.

“Burn down walgreens and kill the bums,” a third message states.

According to the network, the messages were sent between 2014 and 2015. They came to light during a San Francisco Police Department investigation of an alleged sexual assault reported against Lai. The prosecutor said there was insufficient evidence to charge him. However, he now faces several misdemeanor counts for accessing DMV computers for personal use.

His texts are now in the hands of the Public Defender’s office, which is working on a case involving the disgraced officer.

According to CNN, the text could indicate that Lai was biased when performing his duties. Consequently, cases that he was involved in could be dismissed.

Lai’s attorney, Don Nobles, told CNN that the offensive text messages don’t reflect Lai’s character. The lawyer said the officer, a six-year veteran, “was well liked and well-loved on his beat,” and “there is no evidence he carried out any of those sentiments as an officer.”

This isn’t the first time that the SFPD has experienced this type of scandal. Authorities uncovered dozens of racist and homophobic text messages from officers that led to a review of an estimated 1,000 criminal convictions for bias in 2015.



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