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After a night out, Oregon couple Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney returned home to a nightmare. Their 2-year-old son Jacob was screaming and covered in bruises while their babysitter was sleeping on the couch. To make matters worse, the babysitter (who allegedly admitted to harming Jacob) will not face any charges. An Oregon law indicates the victim has to be able to show the abuse was intentional; since the child is only 2 years old, he won’t be able to do so. Jacob’s father took to Facebook to express his outrage: “We had a confession from the abuser saying they did it. Still this person was not arrested because they had to build a case and a jury to find him guilty before they go to jail. (Side note: If I’m not mistaken, if I strike a person in the face and the cops were called I would be put in handcuffs immediately). After two months of waiting we find out that charges are dropped because my one-year-old can’t tell you verbally he was abused and my son did not show he was in pain or that this person ‘intentionally’ did this,” he posted along with a photo that showed Jacob’s bruises. “A dead body can’t tell you who killed them. Yet a baby isn’t held to the same standard because he can’t talk?” Read more.

Former Detroit Public School Grant Director Accused of Stealing $1.275M

In addition to financial woes, the Detroit Public School system is in the midst of a corruption scandal. On Monday, criminal charges were filed against Carolyn Starkey-Darden, a former DPS director of grant development. Starkey-Darden was accused of stealing $1.275 million that went towards bogus tutoring programs. She reportedly got the money by sending fake invoices to DPS for tutoring services. The scheme spanned from 2005 through 2012. The findings were derived from an investigation conducted by an FBI Detroit Area Corruption Task Force. “Ms. Starkey-Darden cheated the students of Detroit Public Schools out of valuable resources by fraudulently billing for her company’s services,” said David P. Gelios, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Detroit Division in a statement. “In fact, Detroit students were cheated twice by this scheme. Students that needed tutoring never received it, and money that could have been spent on other resources was paid to Ms. Starkey-Darden as part of her fraud scheme.” If Starkey-Darden is found guilty, she could face 10 years in prison and receive nearly $250,000 in fines. Read more.

President Obama Beatboxes for Rapper in Vietnam

While hosting a town-hall style gathering in Vietnam on Wednesday, Obama invited a female rapper to spit a few bars before the crowd. “Do you need a little beat?” he asked. “Go ahead, c’mon.” “Vietnam or English?” she replied. “In Vietnamese, of course, but I won’t know what it means,” said President Obama. The 26-year-old rapper, whose name is Hàng Lâm Trang Anh, rapped and engaged a crowd of nearly 800 people. Her rap was about people who are unhappy despite having materialistic things. Read more.

Mariah Carey Inks Deal With the Hallmark Channel

Mariah Carey has inked a three-picture deal with the Hallmark Channel. Under the agreement, Carey will create, executive produce, and star in films aired on the network. She will also create accompanying songs. “We are honored to continue our collaboration with the multi-talented Mariah Carey. It’s rare to work with a talent who can produce, direct, star and also compose original music for a project, and we know she will deliver for our viewers once again,” said Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of Programming at the Hallmark Channel in a statement. Carey also has a reality show titled Mariah’s World in the works that is slated to air on E! this summer. Read more.