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A spotlight is shining on Buffalo Public Schools. Black parents there believe institutional racism prevents their children from gaining admission to the city’s top schools, so they’re calling for a federal probe, WKBW-TV reports.

Sam Radford, the group’s spokesman, told WKBW-TV that Buffalo’s three best schools accept applicants of color at a disproportionately low rate compared to White students.

“We structurally ensure White children get a top quality education, but we structurally have not made the adjustments to ensure that everybody else benefits,” said Radford, speaking for the Buffalo Parent Coordinating Council.

Another troublesome reality, said Radford, is that 91 percent of the district’s teachers are White and don’t send their own children to schools in the district.

The council wants federal involvement to address those and other issues.

“We are asking for the Office of Civil Rights to come in and take a closer look at the issues of suspension. Take a closer look at where racism is not being confronted in our school district,” Radford told WKBW-TV.

Meanwhile, school district officials say they’re paying attention to the issues that the council has raised.

“We’re all concerned about complicit bias, about the type of racism that is sometimes unknown, and unspoken. I know our Superintendent (Dr. Kriner Cash) is extremely committed to making sure that we have a culture responsive school district,” Will Keresztes said, speaking to WKBW-TV on behalf of the school district.

Radford told the news outlet that he’s “hopeful” the superintendent and school board will work with his group to address the parents’ concerns.



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