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UPDATED: 6:45 a.m. ET, July 4, 2021

Things may be different this year for Fourth of July celebrations, what with the coronavirus pandemic’s social distancing guidelines still discouraging big get-togethers, chances are that there will still be plenty of cookouts, with and without the family.

But while millennials will want to be jamming to DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion and The Weeknd this holiday, some of our favorite Generation X and Boomer aunties will be dancing to songs from back in the day.

Our dancing aunties are family treasures. So in tribute to these special ladies, NewsOne has gathered a playlist of songs dedicated to aunties who like to get their groove on.

We created the hashtag #AuntiesAtTheCookoutBeLike so you can share your aunt at the cookout using funny memes.

“Groove Me” – Guy

Your aunt knows all the words to this song. It will make her put down her heavy plate of food to kick up some grass and dance to this new jack swing hit.

“Outstanding” – The Gap Band

Play this song and your auntie will start telling you that she was in high school when this song first came out and only she knows the name of that dance.

“Candy Girl” – New Edition

This song takes your auntie back to her college days – you know, when Bobby Brown was a promising young star. She then starts to talk about Bobby and Whitney while tearing up the dance floor.

“I Like The Way” – Hi-Five

This song will make your auntie do the Dougie, even though the song predates the dance, and well, that’s not quite the Dougie.

“Return of the Mack” – Mark Morrison

This 1996 throwback will get your auntie dancing up a storm.

“Before I Let Go” – Frankie Beverly & Maze

What’s louder, the intro to the song or your auntie screaming, “Woo, that’s my jam!” from the dance floor?

“Square Biz” – Teena Marie 

This was probably the first time your auntie tried her hand at rapping.

“Got to Give it Up” – Marvin Gaye

The timeless beats of this song will get everybody dancing.

“Rock With You” – Michael Jackson

Your auntie remembers when this song came out and Michael was at the top of his game. She might even try to do the rock, the dance that was popular when the song made its debut.



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