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group of law students at an unnamed university got ethered when they came for one of their professors by writing a letter about their disdain for his “Black Lives Matter” shirt, according to Elite Daily.

The students open their letter with the following:

“We write this letter to you with concern about your inappropriate conduct at [retracted] law school. Specifically, you have presented yourself on campus, on at least one occasion, wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt. We believe this is an inappropriate and unnecessary statement that has no legitimate place within our institution of higher learning.”

It goes on to say that many students felt offended and by wearing it, the professor “alienates and isolates all non-black groups.”

The group concludes with the students asking the professor to be more respectful and to consider his “mindless actions.”

Well, said professor wasn’t having it and responded with a two-pronged, six-page statement that establishes precedent on Black Lives Matter (sadly it still needs explaining), and then reads his students for filth about their poor use of grammar.

Are you ready for Shade 101?

The professor sets up each argument with a premise and a critique, shattering each portion of their criticism one by one.

But two of the most powerful sections come towards the end, where the professor writes:

“Black lives matter is about focus, not inclusion. As a general matter, seeing the world and the people in it in mutually exclusive, either/or terms impedes your own though processes. If you wish to bear that intellectual consequence as of a constricting ideology, that’s your decision. But this does not allow you to project your either/or ideology onto people who do not share it.”

“‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a statement about white people. It does not exclude white people. It does not accuse white people, unless you are a specific white person who perpetuates, endorses, or ignores violence against black people. If you are one of those people, then somebody had better be saying to you.” 

He ends with this biting critique, “In conclusion, I believe that every moment in life (and certainly in the life of law school) can be an occasion for teaching and learning. Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to put this deeply held belief into practice.”

You can read the whole post, including the student letter and the professor’s full response here.

With all of the carnage and Black trauma we experienced over the last week, it is frightening that a group of future lawyers question the validity of Black Lives Matter.

NewsOne readers, what do you think? Do the law students or the professor have a point?

SOURCE: Elite Daily, | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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