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BALTIMORE — Ten months after she was indicted, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon has entered a courtroom — about a block from City Hall — as a criminal defendant.

The jury selection process in the trial of Mayor Sheila Dixon started Monday. Dixon is accused of stealing gift cards that were donated to the city for distribution to families in need.

Dixon, through attorney Arnold Weiner, pleaded not guilty Monday.

Dixon arrived at courthouse East shortly before 9:25 a.m. When asked by 11 News reporter Jennifer Franciotti if she had anything to say, Dixon didn’t respond. Franciotti asked Dixon how she felt, and Dixon replied “feel good.” Dixon was flanked by members of her executive detail.

Inside the building, 11 News reporter David Collins said Dixon was wearing a black suit, with a pink coat slipped over the back of her chair. She glanced at the prosecution team when it entered the courtroom. She was greeted by attorneys Weiner and Dale Kelberman, who are representing the mayor. Weiner introduced himself to the court and patted Dixon on the back while doing so, Collins said.

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