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Two White Austin, Texas, police officers are under investigation for slamming a 112-pound Black woman during an arrest and telling her that African-Americans are violent people, The Austin American-Statesman reports.

The newspaper and KVEU-TV obtained the police dash cam video of the 2015 incident this week. It shows Officer Bryan Richter violently throwing Breaion King to the ground twice while arresting her in a parking lot for speeding.

Richter handcuffed King and put her in the back of the police cruiser. He charged her with resisting arrest, and gave her a speeding ticket.

While transporting King to jail, a second video recorded her conversation with Officer Patrick Spradlin about racism.

Here’s part of the conversation, via The American-Statesman:

“Why are so many people afraid of Black people,” Spradlin asks King.

She replies, “That’s what I want to figure out because I’m not a bad Black person.”

“I can give you a really good idea why it might be that way,” the officer tells her. “Violent tendencies.”

After viewing the video of the arrest, prosecutors dismissed the case. The newspaper said King, 26, hired lawyers who are considering a possible lawsuit against the police department.

Meanwhile, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said on Thursday that the two officers are under an internal criminal investigation and have been removed from the streets. Police officials are also looking into why Richter’s superiors gave him just a slap on the wrist — counseling and training — instead of a more serious punishment.

Acevedo said Spradlin’s statement was racist, and that he became aware of the conversation only after receiving inquiries from local media outlets.

SOURCE: Austin American-Statesman | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube


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