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We’ve seen the Jon Stewart version and the Jason Sudeikis version. Last night, Fox News star host Glenn Beck got the Eric Cartman treatment.

The South Park team took on the Beck phenomenon – complete with asking questions, accusations of socialism and a massive multi-platform media takeover.

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When Cartman took over the duty of handling the morning announcements, he turned it into an indictment of Student Body President, Wendy. “Ever since Wendy was elected Student Body President this school has started a rabid decline toward some socialist regime where students no longer have a voice,” said Cartman-as-Beck. “Because I’m brave enough to ask questions I come under scrutiny. Is Wendy using your lunch money to buy heroin? Probably not, but how can we know? I don’t want my lunch money going to drugs.”

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Cartman then turned his attention to Wendy’s hopes to kill Smurfs – and released his first book, “What Happened To My School.”

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