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If you don’t know, every Thursday on NewsOne Now is WTH?! Thursday, where Roland Martin and a panel of guests take a comedic look at some of the strangest stories trending in the news over the past week.

Martin was joined by media personality Ashley Demi, T-Ray, and comedian Dulo for this week’s foray into insanity, which began with a young lady coming out of anesthesia after surgery.

The teenage patient couldn’t stop praising the Lord as she lay in the recovery room and asked her mother if she could “lay hands” on a teddy bear she was holding. She claimed she was so filled with the “spirit” she told her mom she could “feel God moving on his behalf.”

Next up: An armed robbery turned into “a panicked attempt to escape” when the robbers got locked inside of the cell phone store they had attempted to raid.

The two New Jersey thieves locked in the store became irate when a crowd gathered in front of the store taking pictures and taunting the not-so-dynamic duo.

What happens when a beauty pageant contestant hasn’t paid much attention to the question and answer portion of a beauty contest? An epic fail. One contestant at the Miss Philippines USA pageant completely flubbed a question she probably should have prepped for.

The fumbling and stumbling began with, “If I had to pick one of the five senses it would be seeing … because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see …”

If asked why she answered the question in that matter, her response might begin with, “Well, you see, what had happened was …”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now WTH?! Thursday crew break down all of the insane stories trending in this week’s news in the video clip above.


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