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Nicole Milifie, a beloved social media personality who rose to internet fame for her white-hot critique of pop culture, was unfortunately found dead earlier in the week.

What made Milfie vital in sex-positive, feminist circles was her vocalness regarding self-love and her dedication to uplifting Black women.

Not much is known surrounding the cause of her death. Reports say she died on Monday evening, while others say she passed early Tuesday morning. Her last tweet on August 28 was a retweeted photo of Rihanna.

Twitter followers circulated the hashtag #RIPMilfie once news of her death spread. Family and friends have set up an official GoFundMe account in her name.

Jamilah Lemeiux, Vice President of News and Men’s Programming at Interactive One, and a cultural change-maker in her own right, had this to say about Milfie and her tragic death:

“I spent a lot of time reading Taylor’s timeline on more than a few occasions. She had such a brilliant lens on pop culture and her wit was unmatched. The editor in me wondered if or how there would be an opportunity to work with her, and I so deeply regret not interacting with her more. Taylor was incredibly beautiful, funny and captivating—even when she said something I found offensive or wrong, I didn’t want to look away.  I keep thinking of the images she posted from her pregnancy and following the birth of her daughter, and it breaks my heart to know that her little girl won’t know the woman who captured the hearts of so many people.  To describe her in her own words, I have to say that Milfie was legendary and iconic.”

1. She was known as Nicole Milfie on social media, but her real name was Taylor Crenshaw. Family and friends lovingly called her “Tay-Tay.”

2. Crenshaw was a single mom and leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter named Madison. Her daughter is in the care of her grandparents.

3. Paper Magazine profiled her in March 2016 as one of the Amazing Women You Need To Follow Right Now.

4. Her internet moniker, “Nicole Milfie,” was a play on socialite Nicole Richie’s name.

5. The internet maven who lived for fashion resided in Richmond, Virginia. She named pop superstar Rihanna, iconic country singer Dolly Parton, and supermodel Bella Hadid as her top inspirations, according to one of the last interviews she did with Baes Of The Internet.

Rest in peace, queen.

SOURCE: Paper MagazineBaes Of The Internet | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter, Instagram

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