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Investigators in Houston, Texas are stumped as to why someone would shoot into an apartment complex, fatally striking 19-year-old Kendra Childs.

Childs’ death is tragic not only because she was so young, but also because she leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter.

“Witnesses reported seeing a black newer model Camaro with standard rims and tinted windows drive by the house and fire multiple rounds,” Mark Holdbrook of the Houston Police Department homicide unit told KTRK. Investigators say a man and woman were inside the car.

Childs’ family believes she was targeted. She was home alone when the shooting occurred, and her body was discovered by her boyfriend when he returned home, KTRK reports.

Police say the shooter never entered the apartment complex, but struck Childs from the outside road, where he or she aimed up toward her apartment.

“I feel very broken, and it just hurt because she didn’t deserve to go like this. I understand it was her time, but she didn’t have to go like this. She didn’t even make it to her birthday tomorrow,” Childs’ cousin, Angel Whitaker, said to KTRK.

Authorities responded to a tip that led them to an unoccupied black Camaro. They are not releasing any further information at this time.

“Whoever did this, they were wrong and we will get justice for her,” Whitaker said.

On Wednesday, social media users began sharing tweets allegedly sent by an ex-girlfriend of Childs’ boyfriend, including several that appear to be threatening an unnamed person’s life:

Adding to the rumors, Gossip on This found a Facebook user named Quoyaa Taylor who expressed anger at the situation:

Childs would have turned 20 years old today (September 14).

SOURCE: KTRK, Facebook, Gossip on This | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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