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The Huffington Post took a look some of the bombastic host’s past guests and found names steeped in controversy. Beck has hosted, and even occasionally praised, a renowned white supremacist, a devout southern secessionist, a defender of slavery, and a 9/11 skeptic.

On October 4, 2007, for instance, Beck had on his CNN/Headline News show Michael Hill, the founder and president of the League of the South, and Thomas Naylor, a secessionist who is head of the Second Vermont Republic. The conversation, which centered on dissolving the government, was at times, contentious. But Beck – for all the pushback he offered – did acknowledge that he was kind of intrigued. “Don`t get me wrong,” he said. “There`s part of me that says, mm-hmm.”

Hill’s League of the South (LOS) group is a decidedly white supremacist organization, arguing that the “Anglo-Celtic” culture of the South must be protected and insisting that “white men” must “shed the guilt heaped upon them by their opponents and defend their interests.” The group has questioned “what sort of ammunition is being given to black ‘racists’ by the media’s skewed coverage of interracial crimes.” Hill himself has been quoted as saying, “Let us not flinch when our enemies call us, ‘Racists;’ rather, just reply with, ‘So, what’s your point?”’

Hill wasn’t the only Beck guest with LOS ties. Beck has also given airtime to Tom Woods, a historian and economic theorist who was present at the group’s founding. Woods was just 21 years old at the time and insists that he is no longer a member. But even those who have accepted those explanations say he harbors radical, pro-Confederate views.

If Beck were a self-avowed journalist — which he’s not — these guests could be chalked up as an effort to foster intriguing debate, whether about immigration policy, constitutional principles or the strength of the dollar. But, taken as a whole, the roster reflects the host’s partiality to an ideology that is far-right if not outright extremist.

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