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Nate Parker sat down with Anderson Cooper in a prelude to this Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes to discuss the controversy surrounding his alleged rape case in 1999. The revelation sparked a national debate surrounding consent and race. Parker was acquitted in 2001.

“Do you feel guilty about anything that happened that night?” Cooper asks in the interview.

“I don’t feel guilty,” Parker responds.

Cooper than goes on to ask if Parker feels at fault morally.

“As a Christian man…just being in that situation, yeah, sure. I am 36 years old right now…my faith is very important to me…so looking back through that lens…it’s not the lens I had when I was 19 years old,” Parker says.

Parker’s rape trial came to light after The Hollywood Reporter and Variety’s exposés in early August. Though Parker’s case was not a secret from the public, the Oscar buzz surrounding his upcoming film The Birth of a Nation prompted media to dig deeper into the actor’s past. The film is set to premiere nationwide on October 7.

Parker and friend Jean Celestin were both of accused of raping a fellow female student during their tenure at Penn State University. The unidentified woman committed suicide in 2012, thirteen years after the initial allegation.

Parker tells Cooper that he was devastated and shocked when he learned of his accuser’s suicide. Though Parker has spoken out in interviews and on social media about the alleged rape, this interview marks the first taped appearance in which he addresses the issue head on.



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