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The Milwaukee cop who fatally shot 23-year-old Sylville Smith, sparking angry protests, faces sex assault charges in at least one incident that took place while the demonstrations were going on.

The officer, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, was charged Thusday with sexually assaulting two incapacitated men, taking nude photos of unsuspecting victims and trying to pay for sex, reports WISN, an ABC News affiliate.

Prosecutors charged him with second-degree sexual assault, as well as two counts of soliciting prostitution. If convicted, the suspended officer could receive close to 90 years in prison and up to $230,000 in fines. Authorities are holding him on $100,000 bail.

The complaint says Haeggan-Brown, 24, sat at a bar with a man he met on Facebook, watching TV coverage of the protests two days after the Aug. 13 shooting. Later that night, prosecutors said the officer took the alleged victim, whom he said was “completely out” after heavy drinking, to a hospital. When the accuser regained consciousness, he told the hospital staff that Haeggan-Brown raped him at the officers’ home.

Investigators searched Haeggan-Brown’s mobile phone and discovered pictures of the officer engaged in sexual activity with a second man, who told the police that he did not consent to sex and was unaware of the images.

While searching the phone, the investigators also noticed that the officer solicited two other men for sex, which led to the prostitution charges.



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