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TV One’s hit crime show Justice By Any Means returns tonight with Malik Yoba as host.

Yoba, who recently starred in the original TV One movie Bad Dad Rehab, spoke with Roland Martin about the new season during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Tonight’s season premiere chronicles the Daniel Holtzclaw serial rape case and Jannie Ligons, a 57-year-old grandmother who was one of Holtzclaw’s victims, and her fight to bring the out of control cop to justice.

As reported by, Holtzclaw raped thirteen African-American women using his badge to help him commit the heinous crimes against his victims. The disgraced cop was subsequently sentenced to 263 years in prison for the sexual assaults.

Yoba told Martin, “The good thing about this show, unlike most crime shows, is that it actually has a hero – an ordinary person that stands up on behalf of the victims.” 

He continued, “This isn’t just gratuitously showing some kind of heinous crime, it also is very inspiring to see how ordinary folks can get involved” in ensuring justice is served.

Martin, the host of NewsOne Now, will also make an appearance in tonight’s season premiere of Justice By Any Means. Martin was interviewed about the case and played a prominent role in pushing the story on a national stage.

Watch Roland Martin and Malik Yoba discuss the season premiere of Justice By Any Means in the video clip above.

Be sure to watch it tonight on TV One at 10/9c (Check your local listings for channel information).


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