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Who knew that a $10 library fee could cause a person to end up behind bars?

That was the case for Tika Sumpter‘s mom, who was arrested on Monday in Johnston County, North Carolina, for an overdue library book. Her mother, Janice Acquista, is a retired corrections officer, according to the New York Daily News.

Sumpter, 36, who played the First Lady Michelle Obama in the movie Southside With You, took to Twitter to share her feelings following the incident:

She went on to call the arrest a scam, saying:

The Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield’s website says they charge a fine of 25 cents per item per day for printed books, and 50 cents per item per day for audio books, music CDs and movies. There is no indication on the public portion of the site that library fines can result in arrests.

Tika continued:

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News Acquista was arrested after she wrote a bounced check to pay the fine. According to the report, Acquista didn’t make good on the payment, which prompted the arrest. She was released after paying a $500 bond.

“She’s out now,” Tika tweeted. “Every cop at the jail thought it was absolutely ridiculous. They couldn’t even believe it.”

Let’s hope incidents like this one do not become the norm.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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