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Grammy-award winning gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar found herself back in the spotlight after a sermon that she delivered in 2010 gave birth to the viral #UNameItChallenge. At first, Caesar seemed to be embracing all of the attention, but now she has now decided to take legal action, reports CBS.

Caesar, 78, reportedly filed a contempt order against Keenan Webb, Jullian Boothe, and Empire Distribution for selling the song on iTunes and posting a video that features alcohol and other “negative imagery.”

Her legal team claims that Webb, better known as DJ Suede, posted the material without Caesar’s knowledge and financially profited off of the song.

Initially, there were rumors swirling around that Caesar was suing Empire Distribution for $5 million in losses, but she and her legal clarified the matter in a Facebook post:

“Pastor Shirley Caesar has been totally surprised by the response to her old “Hold My Mule” song remixed. She eventually appreciated the fun many had in creating and sharing videos under the #UNameItChallenge with her remixed song,” reads the Facebook post:

“Unfortunately, similar to you, we as a team, were laughing and enjoying the video challenge, until we recently discovered that DJ Suede, Empire Records and another party, took the original popular song and phrase and illegally released a different record on I-Tunes without our written permission. When they refused to remove the commercial song from the Internet and the video, to protect Pastor’s legacy and what Shirley Caesar stands for, we had to take legal action, secure a temporary injunction and order DJ Suede to remove the video, as well as cease and desist sales.”

Some criticized Caesar because she didn’t go after rapper Snoop Dogg for creating a version of the song. However, her lawyer, James Walker, claims that Snoop’s clean version of the song paid homage to Caesar, writes the news outlet.



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