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A former agent with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division who processed Dylann Roof’s car as evidence testified on day four of the trial.

According to Agent Brittany Burke’s testimony, the 22-year-old killer had a list of Black churches in his car. Authorities found a note in the vehicle with addresses, phone numbers and the hours of AME churches, a Black Baptist Church and a Black Roman Catholic church.

Roof, an avowed White supremacist, confessed he targeted the Mother Emanuel AME church, shooting and killing nine parishioners in June 2015, because he knew Black people would be gathered there.

During Roof’s confession, the White supremacist said, “I’m not in the position by myself to go to, like, a Black neighborhood or something like that, and shoot up a drug dealer.”

Aaron Morrison, Senior Staff Writer on the Identities team at Mic, told Roland Martin during Tuesday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now that the courtroom was in shock upon hearing about Roof’s hit list.

Morrison also said Roof was “searching [for] cities within South Carolina that had the highest Black to White ratio because he wanted to make sure that whatever he did, it would have the biggest impact on the Black community.”

Yesterday, as NewsOne reported, Roof drew a line of reference between the killing of Trayvon Martin and some sort of awakening he experienced that seemed to radicalize the admitted mass murderer.

Morrison said, “Drawing the line from A to B is difficult to do…How the Trayvon Martin case could have radicalized Dylann Roof is a bit perplexing, but it does make sense from the standpoint of what Dylann Roof said [which] was, ‘I Googled Black on White crime’ and then he had this window into the White supremacy, White nationalist world that exists in the dark corners of the web.”

Morrison explained that by Roof following this path, he was able to compile crime stats around the country and formulate the “false notion that Blacks are killing Whites at rates that are astronomically high.

“That, in a way, is what he used to justify what he would then go on and do at Emanuel and attempt to do probably in other churches,” said Morrison.

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