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policeAnother Black person shot and killed by NYPD police officers. Another death at the hands of the people who are sworn and paid to protect the very same citizens they end up killing. Of course, I don’t know the circumstances, but it seems to be an alarming pattern to shoot to kill Black people, despite or in spite of the situation. And, he had no criminal record but I would imagine if he did, it would have been key in the defense of the police officers.

I am still and will always be a staunch opponent of the shoot to kill mentality of police officers when it comes to facing Blacks. It always seems to me that at any other time, with a different race, in a similar situation, the police are never that quick to, not only shoot, but shoot to kill. How often do you hear of white people being shot to death by police officers in stark contrast to their Black counterparts?

Now, I’m in no way saying that the young man killed was right in any way or that he didn’t pose a realistic threat to the cops, all I’m saying is that it seems all too common that we are reading and hearing that Blacks are more than likely to be killed by police officers than whites. What makes it worse is that there hasn’t been any referendum, retraining or even talk about the aggressiveness of police forces when it comes to the ‘apprehension’ of Blacks, even if they are innocent of anything outside of being Black.

This is the time when I’d like to see politicians, especially the likes of the more visible Blacks in office to take a stand, do a study, at the very least, INVESTIGATE the reasons this is a common occurrence! President Obama, Governor Patterson, Mayor Booker and any Black politician or influencer NEEDS to speak about this and have reforms when it comes to the mentality of police officers!

It just shouldn’t be Al Sharpton being the leader when it comes to this, we NEED dialogue and answers as to why this happens ALL THE TIME!

And my brothers, stop giving the police reasons to shoot us! It’s that simple! You know what’s going on and yet, your ignorance puts my life in jeopardy because of your actions, police fear me based on the stereotype you perpetuate! It won’t stop if you’re out here doing stupid shit….

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