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From the classroom to the boardroom, young girls and women of color are often faced with obstacles. Many of them find themselves marginalized due to their race and gender. The Obama administration has made it a priority to combat those issues. On Thursday, at a White House event, the Council on Women and Girls released a report that highlights the progress that has been made in regards to advancing equity for women and girls of color.

In 2015, the council unveiled the Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color report which detailed steps that the Obama administration would take towards creating more opportunities for girls and women of color. Among those steps were “reducing unnecessary exclusionary school discipline,” exposing girls and women to career paths in the realm of STEM, lowering the number of teen pregnancies, and creating more opportunities for economic prosperity. The 2016 report serves as a follow-up and illustrates the impact that those steps have had on shaping the future for girls and women of color. According to the report, the teen pregnancy rate has hit an all-time low and high school graduation rates for women have reached record highs. Women also account for more than half of college graduates.

“The Obama Administration has taken important steps forward in elevating, and addressing, key issues that cause disparities for women and girls of color, and women and girls from marginalized and underserved populations,” read a statement released by The White House. “Moreover, the call to action around this work has inspired philanthropic leaders, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations to continue efforts that sustain and build upon the successes achieved in improved life outcomes for women and girls of color and their peers.”

SOURCE: The White House


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