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Are you trying to fix your finances in 2017?

Nicole Sanchez, founder of, joined Roland Martin during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss how her free online program will not only help you fix your credit, but also build wealth.

Sanchez told viewers helps people fix errors on their credit report and takes you on a journey from “credit zero to hero.”

According to Sanchez, “Four out of five credit reports have some kind of error and about 50 percent of credit reports have either a duplication or incorrect status.”

Calling the process of fixing the costly errors on a credit report a “challenge,” Sanchez said, “Most of the time you’re going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional, but at eCreditHero, we’ve created a free program to get those errors fixed on your credit report.”

Watch Roland Martin, Nicole Sanchez, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss how can help you straighten out your credit report in the video clip above.

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