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A customer got an earful of hateful and racist comments from the angry owner of a Dairy Queen in Zion, Illinois during a recent visit, reports The Washington Post.

Proprietor James “Jim” Crichton hurled the “N-word” at customer Deianeira Ford and her two children after the mother wanted to straighten out her messed-up food order Wednesday, writes the news outlet:

[Ford] ordered a $5 box, but part of the order was wrong, and another part was missing. So she asked the owner to fix the order, and when he balked, she asked for a refund. That’s when things spiraled.

The owner, James “Jim” Crichton, returned her $5, but gave her a mouthful, according to Ford and the police in Zion, 50 miles north of Chicago. “He called me and my children n—–; he said I can go back to where I came from,” Ford told The Washington Post. “…My daughter is 3. She’s a little sponge; she repeats everything,” said Ford, 21, who is biracial. “She asked me: ‘Mommy, we n——?’ ”

Crying and shaking, Ford dialed 911…She wrote a [Facebook] post describing what had happened…A Saturday protest organized by local activists and Black Lives Matter demonstrators turned into a celebration of sorts…But Ford said she’s still struggling to explain racism to a 3-year-old who doesn’t fully understand what happened. “I [told my daughter] some people are just mean. Some people don’t have good hearts.”

Following Crichton’s racist tirade, Dairy Queen announced the store’s closure and termination of their business relationship with the disgraced owner as well as called his actions “reprehensible” on Thursday, reports CBS News.

SOURCE: The Washington PostCBS News,


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