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Black Lives Matter now offers a social media tool to help protest racism during its Week of Action, from Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Inauguration Day. reports that BLM launched Tuesday. It allows Black Facebook users to mark themselves “unsafe” as a Black person living in America. Non-Black users can use the tool to show support.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors explained the thinking behind this tool:

“From slavery to Jim Crow to prejudicial and deadly policing, America has never been a safe place for black people. We need to take action to continue to raise awareness about how racism impacts our families and communities.”

The group said Black people are vulnerable to attack while conducting daily activities. Marking oneself as unsafe is symbolic and not intended to replace the reporting of an emergency.

Facebook launched its Safety Check feature to allow users to notify family and friends about their safety status during a disaster or crisis. The social network made it available in the United States after the June 2016 nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Cullors said the unsafe tool is a form of protest and encouraged people to “take additional action by joining local organizers in demanding justice in the streets.”

It’s part of the wave of mass demonstrations expected in the District of Columbia, across the nation, and around the world on Inauguration Day.



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