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Havas Chicago, a global advertising company representing some of the world’s largest brands, decided to create a completely original concept in honor of Black History Month, Adweek reports.

A group of employees stirred their creative juices to build and design the #BlackAtWork “jobstacle” course, reflecting the microagressions and direct messaging people of color deal with in the corporate world, while also addressing the lack of diversity in the ad industry.

The company placed the course in the lobby of the building, inviting colleagues, as well as members of the public, to partake in the transformative experience. According to Adweek, the course will remain in the building until the end of the month.

One of the first obstacles labeled the “Beam Of Perception,” places a balancing beam between the words “lazy” and “angry,” a physical representation illustrating how difficult it is to dodge negative stereotypes. “Don’t trip, but one wrong step can change the way your co-workers see you,” the sign reads.

Tired of coworkers asking you questions about the latest dance moves and slang? Or, have you ever had a colleague blurt out a completely insensitive comment in your presence? Well, there’s a course for that! The “Speech Bubbles” or “Hollywood Shuffle” experience lists statements and questions like “Can you teach me how to dougie?” and “That’s so ghetto.”

“We are by no means perfect, but acknowledging the issue and talking about it is something we take really seriously,” Jason Peterson, the agency’s chief creative officer, told Adweek. “I think everyone needs to look at it and think about how we are going to change and act differently if we want this industry to evolve and be better.”

SOURCE: Adweek


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