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From Raw Story:

A young presidential administration besieged with vetting issues may have a new one to deal with, a Raw Story investigation has found.

Michele S. Jones, Secretary Robert Gates’ special assistant and the Pentagon’s White House liason, was revealed Monday to have exchanged emails with White House gatecrashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi. Entertainment lawyer Paul W. Gardner has claimed that both parties are clients.

The Defense Department announced in July 2009 Jones’ appointment to her current post, claiming that she “previously served with The Bones Theory Group, LLC, Jacksonville, Fla.”

But the Florida Department of State, where all state LLCs are required to register, told Raw Story they have no listing for a “Bones Theory Group.” […]

UPDATE: While no “Bones Theory Group” exists in Florida, Raw Story has learned that an LLC named “Bones Theory Group” was incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland on Mar. 16, 2009 under the name “PAUL W. GARDNER, II, ESQ” – the lawyer who named Jones as a client and is representing the couple that crashed the White House state dinner.

The Maryland Public Records database KnowX says the group is still active but lists no affiliation to Michele S. Jones.

It does, however, list the corporate address as 10 Calvert St., Baltimore, Maryland — the exact same address as Gardner’s law firm. The records show that the company was registered just months before Jones was appointed as a special assistant to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

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