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Many factors can contribute to dry, irritable and itchy scalp. The changing seasons, chemicals, and hair processing can do a number on the scalp, which is why a Spelman graduate has decided to come up with a solution. Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham, a practicing dermatologist is introducing LivSo haircare line, with the intention of helping people who suffer from dry scalp and damaged hair.

The LivSo line features a shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing lotion to address the different scalp problems plaguing people who wear curly, kinky hair. A study conducted on the product found that those who used LivSo products had significant scalp relief after just four weeks of use. Scalp damage or irritation affects at least half of Americans. Products developed to treat dry scalp often lack the necessary ingredients needed to treat the condition while maintaining the necessary moisture the hair and scalp needs.

LivSo ingredients include glycolic acid, Abyssinian oil and coconut oil that are part the product’s three-step hair care system. With Dr. Hicks-Graham’s educational background, research and expertise in treating dry scalp, LivSo is bound to be a quality product to address the common problem of dry scalp.

LivSo is available for purchase on Amazon. You can learn more about LivSo product on the main website and get a free sample to check out for yourself!