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From kitesurfing with Richard Branson to kicking it on the beach with Michelle for Valentine’s Day, Barack Obama‘s been living his best life since stepping down as the nation’s president.

Now, the former commander-in-chief is set to head back to the South Pacific island of Tetiaroa to write his White House memoir, The Washington Post reports.

From The Washington Post:

“To escape the spotlight, the Obamas have taken multiple vacations since leaving the White House — to Palm Springs, the Caribbean and Hawaii. After meeting with tech executives about his presidential center recently, Obama headed to Oahu, where he golfed with friends and dined at Buzz’s Lanikai steakhouse in Kailua.

Three days later he jetted off in a Gulfstream G550 to Tetiaroa, a South Pacific island once owned by Marlon Brando. He plans an extended stay there to start writing his White House memoir, according to a person familiar with his plans who asked for anonymity to discuss them.

Forbes reported back in January that Obama would potentially receive a $20 million advance to write his memoir. Two months and a deserved vacation later, it seems everything is coming full circle.

“Not only was he the first African-American president and hugely popular, he’s already shown us that he can, in fact, write,” Esther Newberg, co-head of ICM Partners’ publishing unit, told Forbes. “And, he’ll look like the King of Siam next to Trump.”

Newberg goes on to say that Obama’s book is coming at an appropriate time.

“It’ll make us feel a lot better in this moment of time to read Obama’s book than to read the newspapers about Trump. At least that’s how I feel,” Newberg continued. “I predict huge audio book sales with that mellifluous voice of his. Can you imagine driving along in your car and hearing that voice…”

SOURCE: The Washington Post, Forbes


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