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Infamous 86-year-old thief Doris Payne has been banned from all shopping malls in the Atlanta area after she pleaded guilty to felony shoplifting this week.

Payne has made a career out of stealing jewelry around the world and is finally paying for her crimes with 120 days of house arrest and three years of probation.

“No shopping trips,” the DeKalb County Superior Court judge warned Payne, according to NBC News.

The attempted heist that led to her arrest happened last year when she tried to steal a $2,000 necklace from a Von Maur jewelry store in Atlanta. A saleswomen put a diamond necklace on the counter, walked away, and Payne discretely put the necklace in her back pocket. When she tried to leave the store she was stopped by a security guard who arrested her.

Paine was interviewed in December, and denied it ever happened.

“Didn’t happen,” she said at the time.

After the subsequent arrest, Payne was released on $15,000 bond but was taken into custody several weeks later after she missed a court date because, she said, she was dealing with a cancerous tumor.

Payne’s criminal ways were discussed at length in the 2013 documentary “The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne.”



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