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NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin may be a free agent, but his main concern right now isn’t finding a suitable team for next season, it’s improving community and police relations.

Today on Capitol Hill, 36-year-old Boldin shared the story of a cousin, named Corey Jones, who was fatally shot during an encounter with the police in 2015.

“I wish I could tell you Corey’s story was unique. I wish I could tell you that now, over a year later, we know exactly what happened and that the issue is resolved,” the Super Bowl champion told Congress. “…And I wish I wasn’t here at all talking about my dead cousin, but I am.”

A Florida resident, 31-year-old Jones was driving home after a church band event when his SUV stalled near a highway exit ramp. A plain clothes officer in an unmarked van approached the SUV, a commotion ensued and led to Jones being killed.

Nouman Raja, the officer in question, is no longer a police officer and is currently facing criminal charges with a trial date set in October.

“. …One of the hardest parts of this whole experience has been the lack of understanding about what happened, why it happened, and what is happening in the legal process,” said Boldin.

Now, with his star power, and fellow NFL players Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles, Johnson Bademosi of the Detroit Lions and retired NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth made their way to the nation’s capital to speak about criminal justice issues. They finished their visit by attending a Congressional forum titled: “NFL Players Speak Up: First-Hand Experiences and Building Trust Between Communities and Police.”

This isn’t the first time NFL players have used their influence to benefit the community and hopefully won’t be the last.



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