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CLOSE has been updated with 300 new words and definitions, including “Black Lives Matter” and “alt-right.”

An act of homage to current trends in the news and pop culture spheres, the site’s new additions are a reflection of their most-searched terms.

“English is constantly changing and growing,” they said on the site. “Thanks to the diverse people who speak it and the times they (we) live in, new words enter the language all the time. The dictionary’s job is to reflect and celebrate that that evolution.”

As TIME notes, some of last year’s additions included “woke” and a new definition for “intersectionality.”

Check out some of our favorite additions below:


Black Lives Matter

“A political and social movement originating among African Americans, emphasizing basic human rights and racial equality for black people and campaigning against various forms of racism.”


“The act of performing a dance move that involves posing with one’s nose in the crook of a bent elbow at chest level while extending the other arm to the side at or above shoulder level, often as a celebratory posture in sports or other competitions.”

mic drop

“The act of intentionally dropping one’s microphone at the end of a speech or performance, displaying a bold confidence that it has been very impressive or cannot be topped.”


“To strongly impress or overwhelm someone.”

throw shade

“To insult, criticize, or disrespect a person or thing in an indirect, artful manner.”