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As police brutality cases find their way back into the national conversation, Charles Kinsey could see justice in the wake of a 2016 shooting at the hands of a North Miami, Fla. police officer while unarmed.


Kinsey’s case as the lead-in for a segment with Roland Martin for NewsOne Now, featuring a panel consisting of Barbara Arwine of the Transformative Justice Coalition, Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church, and human rights activist Jamira Burley.

Two cases of excessive force displayed and caught on videotape in California and Georgia has turned the talk to the consent decrees, which are agreements between the Department of Justice and a city district or municipality to enact reform of the respective police departments in a broad sense.

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that consent decrees could affect the morale of police and sparked a passionate NewsOne Now debate.

“Well that sounds like to me that wants to protect cops, not protect citizens,” said Martin to Bishop Jackson in opening the panel discussion. “And this is the perfect example of why you need those consent decrees in orders for citizens for feel safe.”

Bishop Jackson, part of a collective of clergy who supported ease in confirming Sessions for his current role, was challenged by Martin to view the Attorney General’s stance on federal consent decrees and what it means for communities of color.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions stance on federal consent decrees and the specter of police brutality in the Black community in the clip above.

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