The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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The tragic death of Terrill Thomas inside the Milwaukee County Jail last year has morphed into a potentially explosive legal showdown as jurors are aiming charges at seven employees who were involved. Oddly silent is the typically brash and vocal Sheriff David Clarke, which raises a curious point on the President Donald Trump-supporting Black lawman’s stances on the matter.

Roland Martin spoke on the matter on NewsOne Now, making it a point to single out Sheriff Clarke’s silence. Clarke, who has been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and known for pushing an aggressive conservative agenda, has made his rounds as a popular media guest for the right. Martin challenged Clarke to speak about Thomas’ death by dehydration in the jail the sheriff commands, which was also the site of three other deaths.

Sheriff Clarke, who has lots to say about Black Lives Matter, lots to say about Donald Trump, lots to say about everything else, is amazingly quiet on this story,” said Martin. “Come on, Sheriff Clarke, buck up in your big cowboy hat and be a man and talk about how this man died in your jail.

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