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A survey by The Leadership Conference Education Fund finds that many Black and Latino parents believe systemic racism in public schools impedes their children’s academic progress, The Huffington Post reports.

That perception is especially real among Black parents. Almost 75 percent of them believe White students get a better education in public schools than their children do.

The survey is titled “New Education Majority Poll: Black and Latino Parents and Families on Education and Their Children’s Future.” It was commissioned to examine how parents of color view the education system’s effectiveness. The organization said the study is intended to start a discussion about how education policy impacts Black and Latino children.

According to The Post, the statistics support their negative views. The news outlet pointed to several disparities between predominantly White and Black schools in funding, teacher experience, and suspension rates.

Ninety percent of Black parents and 57 percent of Latino parents said school funding disparity is the driving factor behind the achievement gap.

Many Black and Latino parents also told researchers that the public school system is not trying to educate their children.

That perspective brought to light an apparent contradiction: About half the Black parents gave a negative rating to predominantly Black schools that have mostly White teachers. But they were more positive if their child was in a class with mostly White students.

“The contradiction is the idea that racism exists, but also the notion of social and economic capital exists. So access to the more affluent, more advantaged spaces [White schools] provide, even given the consequences of racism, is far more advantageous to parents of color,” New York University urban education professor David Kirkland told The Post.

This is the civil rights organization’s second annual education survey. Researchers interviewed 1,200 Black and Latino parents for the study.

SOURCE: Huffington Post


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