His untimely death has had a lasting impact.


Declarations of a soft life are aspirational, but Black women cannot achieve those until our nation confronts and dismantles systemic racism.

With his suspension and no longer maintaining a six-figure state job, Lieberman has plenty of time to "live and learn." 

Good News

Singer and activist John Legend recently unveiled a project designed to support communities that have been significantly impacted by systemic racism.

From disparities in health, education and income, Compton Mayor Aja Brown believes now is the time for government to truly work for the people.

Researchers found that it could take 100 years for Black staff to be equally represented in management roles throughout corporate America in contrast to their white peers.

A brief exchange during a Senate Judiciary Committee about the insurrection at the Capitol drew attention to the FBI's systemic racism. But Director Christopher Wray actually denied its existence. Under oath.


Many Black farmers remain skeptical of Tom Vilsack’s return as USDA secretary but applaud new targeted measures to address their long-ignored concerns.

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“Racism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon,” says organizational psychologist Dr. Courtney McCluney, industrial and labor relations professor at Cornell University. “Companies tend to have a reactive response, to save face, where they rush to set up committees, hire chief diversity officers,” and promote Black employees to executive positions—sometimes the firstin the company’s history. But it's never going to stop, she adds, “we’ve had 400 years embedded in this model of living, so we have to get rid of this sense that we can solve racism tomorrow and think more long term.”

While placing a Black person in positions of power is not the cure-all to reverse 400 years of systemic racism, the time to account for the sins of the past is now.

The Democratic presidential candidate pitches his ideas for addressing systematic racism.


Ben Carson offered CNN some outrageous commentary about systemic racism that might even make Candace Owens blush. (Emphasis on "might.")