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Black lawmakers are angry about what they said Wednesday was a racist email sent by a White legislator in Alabama that mentioned punishing monkeys, reports the Associated Press.

From the Associated Press:

Republican Rep. Lynn Greer, of Rogersville, forwarded a constituent email to dozens of legislators and lobbyists that described an experiment in which caged monkeys will eventually stop reaching for a dangling banana as they slowly accept the status quo because their predecessors were punished.

Greer apologized and said the email was meant to be a joke about the need to replace incumbents. However, black lawmakers, who had used delaying tactics to oppose proposed new legislative districts they said minimized black voters’ influence, said its intent was clearly racial. The bubbling tensions threatened to derail the final days of the legislative session.

Members of the Legislative Black Caucus also referred to the email as “insulting” and “unacceptable,” reports

SOURCE: U.S. News & World


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