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Brandon Vezmar is celebrating a win this week. The man who threatened to sue his date for texting during a movie is calling off his lawsuit and he got his $17.31 back! 

Inside Edition had to play mediator in this epic case. Vezmar and his texting date, Crystal Cruz, went on the show to recount their bad experience together. They went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 together at a theater in Austin, Texas. According to Vezmar, Cruz was texting more than he could handle. “She was behaving as if it was normal,” he told Inside Edition. “So much so, that I thought to myself, ‘who does this?’” According to him, he asked her “to take it outside” and obliged, except she never came back.

Cruz argued that her texts were from friends who sent her three messages to check on her during the date.  This info probably wouldn’t have stopped Vezmar’s next move. The next day, he contacted Cruz, demanding she pay him back the $17.31 he spent on the movie. When she refused, he filed paperwork in small claims court to get the money back. He called Cruz’s texting habit “a threat to civilized society.”

All is well thanks to Inside Edition! A TV program literally had to bring these two on air to at the scene of the crime. Cruz told Vezmar that “the date just didn’t work out” and she would gladly give him his $17.31 if he would drop the lawsuit. Cruz accepted her money (right after counting it, of course) and now the suit is dropped. Success! You can watch a video of their encounter below.


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