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In a deal with prosecutors, Bresha Meadows, the 15-year-old Ohio girl jailed for killing her allegedly abusive father, pleaded guilty on Monday to involuntary manslaughter, NBC News reports.

Bresha now moves from a detention center, where she has been in custody for 10 months, to a mental health facility for therapy over the next six months. The teen will go home after a total of 18 months in custody. At age 21, authorities will seal Bresha’s criminal record, her attorney Ian Friedman told the news outlet.

Advocates for domestic abuse victims rallied around the teen, lauching the #FreeBresha movement and urging authorities not to punish Bresha harshly.

Originally, prosecutors charged her with aggravated murder. They accused Bresha of shooting her father in the head last year with a weapon he allegedly used to terrorize the family. She faced being tried as an adult and could have spent many years behind bars.

“She smiled today, and for the first time you really felt that smile was genuine. She started to talk about her future for the first time,” Friedman told NBC News. “And she’s pleased to know that her case may help other kids in her same situation.”



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