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During the broadcast of the National Urban League’s State of Black America on TV One, panelists covered a number of topics during the discussion. With a focus on education equality for Blacks, Symone Sanders, political strategist and former national press secretary for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, broke down why education is no longer a guarantee of success for young Black Americans.

Roland Martin recapped the State of Black America on NewsOne Now, where Sanders suggested that Black millennials may to take a new path to join the workforce.

Education is no longer the great equalizer because there are young people like myself who went to a really good school and a lot of good money and we came out and could not find jobs. So no longer can we continue to tell our kids ‘You put your head down, you buckle down, you do your work, you go to school, you’ll be able to get a good job and your life will be successful,” Sanders said.

Watch Roland Martin’s recap of the National Urban League’s State of Black America address in the clip above via NewsOne Now.

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