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The Southern Baptist Convention says it will reconsider an effort to condemn white supremacy Wednesday, after a resolution disavowing the “alt-right” movement was rejected during the organization’s meeting in Phoenix.

The “alt-right” — short for alternative-right — is a term often applied to those whose politics tend to embrace white nationalism, racism, sexism and anti-Semitism.

According to the Arizona Republic reports that the initial rejection spurned an intense debate which prompted the body to craft a new resolution that will be voted on Wednesday afternoon. It reports,

Prominent Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore, the president of the convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said Wednesday morning that he expects the convention will “enthusiastically” pass the new resolution.

“The so-called Alt-Right white supremacist ideologies are anti-Christ and satanic to the core. We should say so,” Moore said on Twitter.

Tuesday’s controversy was sparked by a separate, but similar resolution by African American minister William D. McKissic Sr., a pastor at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, submitted to the SBC’s Committee on Resolutions. He wanted the entire convention to vote on his resolution.

His resolution failed to gain approval by a two-thirds majority of the committee.

McKissic’s resolution stated that the Southern Baptist Church should denounce “every form of ‘nationalism’ that violates the biblical teachings with respect to race, justice and ordered liberty” and that the convention should “reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so-called ‘alt-right’ that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system.

Some reportedly rejected the resolution because of its “inappropriate” language.

McKissic last year succeeded in having the SBC endorse a resolution condemning the Confederate flag as a symbol of racial injustice.

Twitter users of all hues condemned the decision:

The sad part is that nine other resolutions passed with near-unanimous votes. But this is the South and racists go to church too, apparently.

SOURCE: The Arizona Republic


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